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How to Price: A Guide to Pricing
Techniques and Yield Management

The Economics of Network Industries

Industrial Organization: Theory and Applications

Cambridge University Press, 2008. Cambridge University Press, 2001. The MIT Press, 1996.
ISBN: 978-0-521-71564-5, Table of Contents  ISBN: 0-521-80500-7, Table of Contents  ISBN: 0-262-69179-5, Table of Contents
[448 pages, 63 illustrations, 95 tables, [329 pages, 56 illustrations, 23 tables] [466 pages, 112 illustrations, 17 tables]
38 computer algorithms, 77 problems/solutions] Instructor's/Solution Manual (41p, 2008/12) Instructor's/Solution Manual (60p, 2018/2)
Errata: 1st Printing Errata: 1st2nd to 6th, 7th+ Printing Errata: 1st--2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th--8th, 9th--11th,
Web applications (Experimental & Incomplete) Practice Problem Sets (17p),  Solutions (20p) Practice Problem Sets (33p),  Solutions (44p)

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International Editions

China (2002) Japan (2003) Taiwan (2004) China (2005)
 Shanghai U. of Finance & Econ
China-Pub, Errata by Kangning Li
Springer-Tokyo Press Yeh Yeh Book Gallery Tsinghua University Press
ISBN: 7-81049-773-1/F 662 ISBN: 4-431-71003-5 ISBN: 957-8555-89-X ISBN: 7-302-10612-6


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Articles in Edited Books

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Op-ed Articles

  1. Fed's focus on 'too big to fail' won't save taxpayers from next bank bailout. The Conversation, July 8, 2016.

  2. Why 2015 was a bad year for banking reforms. Fortune Magazine, December 31, 2015. MIT Sloan video.

  3. Let 2016 be the year we agree tipping is terrible for both workers and customers. Quartz, December 30, 2015. MIT Sloan video.

  4. Time has come for narrow banking, TheMarker, October 6, 2008 (Heb).


Recently-written Papers Available for Downloading
(Papers on SSRN)

  1. Shy, O. "Alternative Methods for Studying Consumer Payment Choice." Data source. Edited data and R-code.

  2. Shy, O. "Tips Versus Higher Wages: Data, Theory, and Simulations." Data and R-code. Presentation.

  3. Chen, H., K. Huynh, and O. Shy. "Cash Versus Card: Payment Discontinuities and the Burden of Holding Coins." Bank of Canada, Staff Working Paper 2017-47. Presentation.

  4. Shy, O. and R. Stenbacka. "Dynamic Labor Market Competition and Wage Seniority."

  5. Clougherty, J., M. Grajek, and O. Shy. "Taking 'Some' of the Mimicry Out of the Adoption Process: Quality-Management and Strategic Substitution." CEPR Discussion Paper No. 11661. ESMT Working Paper No. 16-05. SSRN.

  6. Shy, O. and R. Stenbacka. "Bank Competition, Real Investments, and Welfare." Presentation

  7. Shy, O. and D. Zhang. "Minimum Wage as a Focal Point."


Unpublished Papers Available for Downloading

  1. Shy, O. and R. Stenbacka. "Ring-fencing, Lending Competition, and Taxpayer Exposure." Presentation
  2. Morgan, P., and O. Shy. "Undercut-Proof Equilibria With Multiple Firms."
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Teaching Material

Economic Analysis for Business Decisions (MBA)
Selected slides from the Fall 2015 semester (case studies excluded)

  • Introduction: View, PDF Course Summary: View, PDF.
  • Lecture 01: Consumer demand: View, PDF.
  • Lecture 02: Supply & cost: View, PDF.
  • Lecture 03: Startup & shutdown decisions: View, PDF.
  • Lecture 04: Supply & demand equilibrium: View, PDF.
  • Lecture 05: Elasticity & demand estimation: View, PDF.
  • Lecture 06: Short-run vs. long-run decisions: View, PDF.
  • Lecture 07: Monopoly & market power: View, PDF.
  • Lecture 08: Sources of market power: View, PDF.
  • Lecture 09: Network economics I: View, PDF.
  • Lecture 10: Network economics II: View, PDF.
  • Lecture 11: Price discrimination & market segmentation: View, PDF.
  • Lecture 12: Consumer self-selection: View, PDF.
  • Lecture 13: Game theory I: View, PDF.
  • Lecture 14: Price competition: Salt simulations (link).
  • Lecture 15: Collusion & antitrust law: View, PDF.
  • Lecture 16: Capacity (quantity) competition: View, PDF.
  • Lecture 17: Auctions: View, PDF.
  • Lecture 18: Economics of negotiations: View, PDF.
  • Lecture 19: Supply relationships & externalities: View, PDF.
  • Lecture 20: Principal-agent model & moral hazard: View, PDF.
  • Lecture 21: Adverse selection: View, PDF.


How to Price (B.A., Undergraduate)


The Economics of Network Industries (B.A., Undergraduate)


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Industrial Organization (Ph.D., Graduate)


International Trade (B.A., Undergraduate)

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  • Glossary of Terms in International Economics (Alan Deardorff)
  • International Economics site of the Chinese U. of Hong-Kong
  • Lecture notes: Study Center, Kwan Choi.

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